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👛 What's Her Fav? Love, @AYT89 👛

Oct 08,2021 | Enchante Creative


Enchanté everyone!

Happy Children's Day dear readers! Today, we have a super special mummy and daughter duo, dearest Yee Ting (@AYT89) and adorable Aricia to share their fav with us! 

After chatting with them, they shared with us their number one Must Have from Enchante!

We love Enchanté's Floral Fantasy Reusable Mask

  • "Aricia and I really love the reusable mask from enchante not only becos of the beautiful designs but also the function. It's very breathable for kids, and the cute designs makes it easier for her accept wearing of mask daily"



"I definitely recommend to all my friends becos I did see how some of friends kids from rejecting wearing of mask until now daily will choose which mask from enchante they wanna wear out!"



Enchanté's reusable masks are great choice for everyday wear. Available in more than 30 designs, our masks are certified <99.94% anti-bacterial and recommended to be worn with BFE>99% filtration sheets for best protection!

A big special thank you to Yee Ting and Aricia for their lovely recommendation! Please keep safe during this period of time, and as you celebrate Children's Day with your little ones, home parties are a great alternative too!


With love,

Team Enchanté



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