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👛 What's Her Fav? Love, @Jane_Surin 👛

Nov 12,2021 | Enchante Creative


Enchanté everyone!

Featuring the fabulous Jane @Jane_surin 🧞‍♀️🧞‍♀️

Jane believes that tattoos are a beautiful way of showcasing the values she upholds in life. Some of her iconic tattoos feature strong women in DC Comics and she stands strongly against the taboo of being inked.

A superwoman herself, her entrepreneurial spirit always finds fresh ways to showcase new ideas. Jane has given us a peek into Wonder Woman little clutch to learn more on her daily must haves! 🌹💋


1. Kleenex Wetwipes

"This is my must have as I use it to clean everything and anything."



2. Sanitizer

"I love the lemon grass sanitizer from Hysses because it smells amazing & I’m a huge clean freak! I use it really often and even spray a little on my mask each time. 😄"



3. Disney X Cute Press powder

"I love Disney! So when I saw this I just had to get it and I don’t normally use make up often but I bring this along with me for days when I look like a zombie then I’ll dab some of this under my eyes." 



4. Fisherman’s friend

"Minty sweets are a must as I’m constantly on the go and I always like having fresh breath throughout the day. I love fisherman’s friend and the lemon or spearmint flavour are my favourites."


5. Inara Organics Head Aid

"My days are usually very hectic so at times I just use this and I roll it around my head and neck area to soothe any aches and to help me relax a little. ☺️"



These go-tos are perfect for those who fill their daily schedule with fun adventures and new to-dos! Go forth and try new things, and remember to check out these daily favs Jane has recommended us!


With love,

Team Enchanté 


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