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❤️✨Enchanté, nice to meet you!🌷✨

Jun 04,2021 | Enchante SG

❤️✨Enchanté, nice to meet you!🌷✨

Enchanté turns 8 years old in 2021 and we celebrate this mini milestone by unveiling our very own lifestyle blog! Here, we'll share all things fashion, lifestyle, food, and everything in between! Explore new inspirations and discover hidden gems with us. Don’t say never jio 😉💕⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

More about Enchanté
Enchanté is a Singapore fashion brand founded in 2013. Our mission is to empower individuals, allowing them to shine with confidence and embrace individuality. This is displayed through the unique patterns, bold colors and novel styles in our fashion. 
Each collection is a labour of love and embodies a symphony of style, quality and comfort. Most styles suit everyday wear in our tropical weather.

Over the years, we have actively worked on enhancing our product range, which now cover fashion, lifestyle, tech accessories, novelty and toys.

Apart from a whimsical range of Enchanté merchandise, we are also an official licensee of tokidoki and have worked with brands such as Sanrio and Pinkfong Baby Shark in previous years

Enchanté means "nice to meet you" in French. To our old pals and new friends, Enchanté.


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